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Creative Connect

Supporting the holistic development of young people has always been at the core of Nia Centre’s work.

Creative Connect connects youth and emerging Artists ages 14 to 29 with Career Professionals and Artists across art disciplines to expand their knowledge, skills, and build their creative capacities to further prepare them for careers in creative sectors and beyond. Using mentorship and the arts, Creative Connect is able to:

    • Build and improve transferable skills
    • Connect to young people with skilled and caring career artists
    • Help young people build community among their peers

Through culturally tailored programming and unique mentorship opportunities, Creative Connect provides Artists with a combination of professional development and experiential learning opportunities.


Black Creatives and Mentorship
A Guide to understanding, finding and navigating mentorship.

Mentorship 101

The Black Creatives x Mentorship Toolkit is a guide featuring information about the different forms of mentorship that exist in creative fields, how to know if you’re ready for a mentor, and an activity to help you get started!


Mentorship gives you the skills and supports to reach new heights. It is a way to explore both yourself and your talents in a tender environment. As a mentee, my mentor means the world to me. She was able to instill in me not only the technical skills required for a photo, but the confidence to take a photo. She taught me that everything and anything is possible.

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From Me to You: Printmaking Showcase

October 26 - 26, 2023
7:00PM - 8:00PM
524 Oakwood Ave, Toronto, ON M6E 2X1

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