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Understanding the Impacts of Anti-Black Racism Online

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Deadline to complete the survey: January 31st, 2022

Focus Groups:

Along with our survey, we have created a number of focus groups to continue this research process with the community and we need you to participate. There are unique groups for men, LGBTQ community members, Muslim community members and youth. These groups will be safe spaces for you to discuss your online experiences. Participants will receive a $50CAD honorarium

LGBTQ+ Community Focus GroupTuesday. January 25th | 6pm – 8pmhttps://bit.ly/SFGLGBT
Youth aged 14-17 Focus GroupWednesday. January 26th | 6pm – 8pmhttps://bit.ly/SFGYouth
Black Men Focus GroupTuesday. February 1st | 6pm – 8pmhttps://bit.ly/SFGBlackMen
Muslim Community Focus GroupWednesday. February 2nd | 6pm – 8pmhttps://bit.ly/SFGMCF

Nia Centre is embarking on a research project to better understand the impacts of anti-Blackness and hate directed towards Black individuals in online spaces.

About the Project

Through a preliminary literature review, we understand that, within a Canadian context, that very little is known about how much anti-Blackness prevails online and we do not understand what impacts being subjected to anti-Blackness online has on Black Canadians and thus, how our community can safely navigate these spaces. Understanding the Impacts of Anti-Black Racism Online is a research project that aims to investigate these nuances and help provide resources that community residents can use to increase safety when navigating online spaces, as well as provide a pathway for future research opportunities and projects that exist within this domain.

Through this survey:

  • We want to understand the lived experiences of Black-Canadians who experience anti-Blackness within online spaces (across social platforms i.e Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and more) as well as its impacts on, but not limited to, our behaviour, sense of self and how we see ourselves both online and offline.
  • We want to learn what recommendations and supports that we can provide to community members who are affected by anti-Blackness within online spaces to allow them to safely navigate online spaces and limit the harm and negative impacts. We also want to provide recommendations towards future research and investigation within this area
  • We’re committed to developing a research report that will outline our findings and be made accessible to, but not limited to, community members, researchers and organizations.

FAQ’s About the Research Project & Survey:

What are our research goals?

Through this research project, we aim to investigate the following:

  1. What are the lived experiences of Black-Canadians and residents experiencing anti-Blackness within online spaces? 
  2. What are the impacts of experiencing anti-Blackness online on Black Canadians? How does this affect our behaviour, and how we see ourselves both online and offline? 
  3. In revealing information about the first two points of inquiry, what recommendations can we make towards future research and investigation in this area? Further, what recommendations can we make to Black Canadians on how to more safely navigate online spaces to reduce harm and negative impacts.
  4. Work with communities to develop and execute a plan for sharing and using the findings of the study. 
Who can participate this survey?

This survey is intended for Black/Afro-Diasporic community members, age18 and over.

What do you get for participating?

The first 200 participants to complete the survey will receive a $50.00CAD gift card for their contributions to the research project. Please note that the surveys will be accessed for completion prior to the disbursement of gift cards.

Why should you participate in this research project?

We want to hear and learn about your experiences when navigating online spaces. This research project is important as it will help to provide tools, resources and supports to individuals who experience anti-Blackness within online spaces and provide a research report that outlines the impacts of anti-Blackness in Canada and allows for further research to be done in this domain.


How is the research project done and what are our research methods?

Online Survey

The research project will be done through a Canada wide online survey, where Black-Canadians across the country will be surveyed online to provide insight on their online experiences.

Focus Groups/Interviews

We will conduct focus groups and interviews with Black-Canadians across the country to further provide a deeper level of insight into their experiences with anti-Blackness online, and how these experiences have impacted them.

Community Advisory

Through the process of the research project, we will work with a selection of community members across Canada, who will serve in the capacity of Advisory Members. They will provide a critical lens towards our research methods and support the overall community accountability of our work. 

When will the research report be available?

The research report will be available in spring 2022

How will your identity be protected?

Your participation in this study is anonymous. The answers you give in this survey cannot/will not be used against you. Only the lead researcher and study team members will ever see the private information that you share with us.

Questions or concerns about this research project can be directed to Nia Centre at info@niacentre.org

If you find that answering any of the questions in this survey brings up difficult emotions or memories, please click here or copy this link to access this list of Local Resources & Supports:

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada

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