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Creative Catalyst

About the Creative Catalyst Program

Are you an emerging artist looking to explore and broaden your artistic practice? Creative Catalyst is a self-driven program that creates space for emerging Black artists to receive one-on-one consulting and support from mid-career / established artists, while also creating opportunities for group learning, dialogue, and connection. 

Participating artists will receive six months of consulting support from a Consultant of their choice who best aligns with their artistic practice and goals, as well as a Research, Learning, and Creation Stipend, to be used to support participating artists’ artistic and professional development for the duration of the program. The program is open to emerging Black artists based within the Greater Toronto Area.

The program features Consultants working in the following disciplines/areas:

Curatorial Practice, Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Photography, and Grant Writing.

What Will I Receive?

One-on-One & Group Learning Opportunities

This self-directed program is driven by artists. Over the course six months, participating artists will responsible for reaching out to and engage with their assigned Consultant for one-on-one meetings and conversations on topics and themes of their choosing in relation to their artistic practices, including but not limited to questions about their work, requests for feedback, questions regarding research, collaboration, process, technique, form, and more. These meetings will be driven by the artist’s pursuit of, and interest in, conversation, dialogue, and inquiry.

Curated Services & Support

Each Consultant has developed a selection of curated learning opportunities, services, and supports that they will make available to their artists, designed to offer exclusive and customized learning and creation opportunities at no cost to the artist. Participating artists will have the opportunity to receive a selection of services during the program. 

Workshops, Talks, & Networking Sessions

The Creative Catalyst program will offer a number of exclusive workshops, artist talks, and networking opportunities to build community, help expand creative networks, and spark inspiration. Activities will be tailored to the professional and artistic goals of participating artists, and held virtually and in-person.

Research, Learning, & Creation Stipend

Participating artists will receive a stipend for Research, Learning, and Creation to support their artistic practices over the six months of the program. The stipend will allow artists to unlock additional professional development to supplement their consulting & mentorship, as well as funds to purchase materials, supplies to support the development of work and research.

How to Apply?

Emerging Black artists based in the Greater Toronto Area are invited to a merit-based call for applications, where they will be able to express interest in working with one or more Creative Consultants in the program. Successful applicants will then be paired with the Consultant of their choosing.

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