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Artist Marketing and Branding Series


April 21, 2022


6:00PM - 8:00PM

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In today’s market, an independent artist needs a strong and cohesive marketing strategy. Without the luxury of major label support, it is important that you are able to market yourself to your audience and have your artistic message be clear. 

In this workshop series, independent artist IAMREBELWILL and PR strategist Uju Nweze-Fadare are going to share the tools you need to elevate your brand. Over 5 workshops, artists will learn the basics of marketing, the best available tools, skills to navigate digital platforms and learn how to develop personalized marketing kits.  

Who are these workshops for ?

This workshop is designed to support emerging artists who would like to better understand how to market themselves. This knowledge is often inaccessible to independent artists, and this workshop is designed to bridge that gap.

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Introduction to Branding and Marketing 

As an independent artist, you are the machine behind your brand. Social media can make this aspect of being a working artist seem effortless for some, when it isn’t. Information around marketing and branding is inaccessible and many artists are in the dark about where to start. 

In this introductory workshop, musician Rebel Will and PR strategist Uju Nweze-Fadare are going to walk you through creating a marketing plan that reflects who you are as an artist. There is an opportunity to get feedback from the facilitators on your current marketing strategy. 

Meet the Facilitators 


IAMREBELWILL is a Montreal-raised, Toronto based pop entertainer. Influenced by the showmanship of Janet Jackson, the eclectic artistry of Andre 3000 and the vibes of Kaytranada. His latest project, RebelFuturism, uses his voice to challenge stereotypes in mainstream pop music and empower LGBTQ and POC communities to express themselves.  

Follow him at @iamrebelwillofficial

About Uju Nweze-Fadare 

Uju Nweze-Fadare is a seasoned PR and marketing strategist with a decade of experience serving diverse industries in Canada. She is the Chief Strategist at Juile PR, a boutique PR and marketing agency for startups, small businesses, and public figures. Over the last 10 years, Uju has helped businesses grow through effective customer-centric marketing and communications. She also works with public figures and influencers to define and elevate their personal brands. 

Follow her at @juliepr

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