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Branding Your Artistry Workshop

Facilitated by Yung Yemi


May 20 - 20, 2021


6:00PM - 7:30PM

Learn how to brand your artistry and build an online audience

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Branding Your Artistry, facilitated by multidisciplinary artist Yung Yemi, will help guide emerging artists to discover what their brand is and how to build their public image on digital platforms.

Yemi will use case studies and his own personal experiences to provide emerging artists with suggestions and tips and how to define their voice as creative, design projects to get community attention, build an audience on social media and the power of collaboration. 

Learning from Yemi, participants will learn new ways to build their brand even as their artistry continues to evolve and change. This program is open to Black emerging artists between the ages of 14-29.

When: Thursday May, 20th | 6pm-7:30pm

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About Yung Yemi

Yung Yemi (Adeyemi Adegbesan) is a Toronto-based artist whose multidisciplinary practice aims to examine the intersectionality of Black identity. He brings together varying elements to create his Afrofuturistic portraits, inspired by a range of source materials that embody the history and future of the culture. Yemi’s work interrogates the dichotomy of the richness of Black experiences against an imposed societal homogeneity often seen through traditional Westernized narratives. Follow him on Instagram.

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