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Craft Your Lyric: SongWriting Workshop

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June 24, 2021


6:00PM - 8:00PM

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Craft Your Lyric is a songwriting workshop for emerging songwriters who are interested in creating their own song and enhance their songwriting skills. Facilitated by singer-songwriter Kleo, Participants will explore song composition, structure and understand how to write their own original lyrics.

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About Kleo

Multi-Talented instrumentalist. Poet. Fashion-forward ambassador. Mentor. Singer. Rapper. Songwriter. KUT THROAT KLEO  pulls from her Egyptian roots to give you a unique perspective of immigrant experiences within the city.  KTK  has collaborated to build music and fashion brands such as MOMxW¥FE, V$OP. The commitment to her craft has allowed her to create platforms and memorable experiences for others. As a Community artist, she has facilitated and curated a variety of events and workshops to support city and youth achieves growth. She is a mentor for young artists living on the margins and is actively sharing her practice and stories to better others with projects such as, a songwriting tutorial series. The series invites and inspires emerging music artists to deepen their practice. Her upcoming  EP, EGYPT, is the first solo project to date and will bring interesting tones, culture, as well as introspective perspectives and witty cadences. Learn more here.

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