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'The Beauty in Our Stories' Pride Photo Challenge


June 5 - 12, 2023

This Pride, showcase the beauty in your story

Submit Your Photo Idea

Are you a Black creative with a story to tell ? ⁠

This Pride Month, we’re giving five community members the chance to tell the queer story you want to share. In this photo challenge, you will have 3 weeks to capture and create original images for a photo story that showcases the joy in the queer experience. We’re interested in themes of friendship, family, identity, community etc. ⁠

Storytellers have the option to use film, digital or phone cameras. If you choose, film : Nia Centre is able to provide you with one disposable camera You have free range to take the photos of your choice and transform them into a creative photo story. ⁠

To participate in this challenge: apply by Sunday, June 11th. Chosen applicants will be contacted for a short interview to help you coordinate your photo essay.

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