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Wellness Connect


July 26 - August 30, 2022


6:00PM - 8:00PM

Improve Your Mental Health through Art

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Wellness Connect is a free in-person program that explores wellness, self-care and mental health through art and creativity. This program is geared towards youth between the ages of 14-29 and provides them with knowledge, tips and strategies to help them along their wellness journey.

Oftentimes, the times and societal barriers surrounding Black Mental Health and its impact on Black community goes unaddressed. This program will provide youth a space to learn about mental wellness in an environment where they are supported by their peers. Through these sessions, youth will have a space to be vulnerable, create healthy boundaries and unlearn negative associations with mental health resources and spaces.

The sessions will be guided by multidisciplinary artist, organizer and seasoned Nia Centre facilitator Keosha Love. Each workshop will offer a variety of themes from mental health, to physical wellness and self care – explored through a creative medium.

Meet the Facilitator

Keosha Love is an award-winning artist, activist and educator who creates spaces for wellness and collection liberation in marginalized communities. Her poem “A Prayer for Black Women” has been shared nationally and featured in CBC’s Poetic License. Most recently, Keosha hosted her debut interview series Black & Vulnerable also on CBC. Keosha is the founder of Our Women’s Voices, a Toronto-based non-profit that amplifies womens voice and encourages social change through art and community organizing. 

Learn more about Keosha here.

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