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Just Us: The Learning Room

Get ready for mural season!

Learn from professional Black muralists on the ins and outs of mural making, from community engagement to project management. This series is developed in collaboration with muralist Leyland Adams, and in partnership with Street Art Toronto.

Workshops will take place from May – June 2023, live on Zoom.

Stay tuned for more workshops to be announced soon.

Engaging Communities with Murals | May 23, 6 – 8pm

A mural project can have a big impact on a community. Hear from muralists Leyland Adams and Amir Akbari on how they support communities through mural arts.

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Finding Your Wall | May 29, 6 – 8pm

Looking for a wall to bring your mural concept to life? During this workshop, muralists Adrian Hayles and Leyland Adams will share tips and resources on how to secure a wall for your next project.

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Mural Project Management | May 25, 6 – 8pm

Set your next mural project up for success! Muralists Leyland Adams and Adrian Hayles will share project management best practices for small and large scale mural projects.

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