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Left of Centre: Business Sm(Arts)

The Series

Are you looking to transition your artistic practice into a profitable business? Business Sm(Arts) is a series if six workshops that dive deep into vital areas that will support the entrepreneurial side of your artistic practice. Learn more about the six sessions, and register for them each below.

These workshops will provide insight, tools, and resources within the following areas:

  • Business Planning
  • E-Commerce
  • Artist Taxes
  • Personal and Business Finances

The Workshops

Business Planning 101 Series Facilitated by Amoye Henry, MBA

Monday, February 6 & Thursday, February 9, 2023 | 6 – 8pm

The first installment of this series participants will receive information on how to build a business plan, outlining five specific topics that will allow participants to begin the process of developing an artistic business. The first session will provide information on the below subject areas, and the second iteration will allow participants the opportunity to connect with a facilitator to receive feedback on one of the four subject outlines or their business framework outline. Participants will be able to work through one or more of the below areas of a business plan and return for feedback.

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Shopify for Artists Facilitated by Celine Hajjar

Monday, February 13, 2023 | 6 – 8pm

Whether you’re selling prints, ceramics, or services, creating and managing a successful digital storefront that represents you and your practice is key in reaching the right audiences and generating sales. This workshop will also feature guest speaker and multidisciplinary artist, Yung Yemi, who will share his experience with e-commerce and using the Shopify platform.


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Artist Taxes 101 Facilitated by Kelly Ross

Thursday, February 16, 2023 | 6 – 8pm

Navigating taxes as an independent artist can be difficult. In this workshop, public accountant Kelly Ross will share best practices and answer all your questions this tax season.


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Personal Finances Facilitated by Shantel Myers

New year, new you! Learn how to navigate your personal finances, and make your money work for you. This workshop will explore a variety of personal finance areas including budgeting, understanding debt, credit, and creating a positive relationship with money.


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Business Finances Facilitated by Shantel Myers

Facilitated by Finances for the Culture, this workshop will provide information on the nuances of business finances, such as business accounts vs personal accounts, lines of credit, tracking income against expenses, and more.

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