Inspiring youth to critically explore their identity within their creative process

In partnership with Gallery 44, Nia Centre co-hosted the award-winning annual analog film photography program, OUTREACH, which provides professional development and experiential learning opportunities for youth within marginalized communities to build their skills and capacity in photography.

Through a series of six culturally relevant skill-building workshops and group mentorship sessions, OUTREACH allows youth to locate and learn about their identity, as they create an artistic body of work from concept to reality.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn and work in the darkroom to develop their artistic practice and assist them in the production of their final body of work.

At the end of the program, each participant will select one piece of work to be showcased in a formal group exhibition held at the Gallery 44 space and have the opportunity to win the prestigious David Barker Maltby Award and have their work showcased in Gallery 44 Zine Publication.

The David Barker Maltby Award was created in memory of Gallery 44 member David Barker Maltby. Recipients are selected by Program Instructors and are awarded based on their unique approach to photography and commitment to continuing with their arts practice.


This annual film photography program is made possible through the collaborative support of Gallery 44.

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