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Breaking down the layers of artistry and the creative sector over lunch!

Our Lunch N’ Learn series connects emerging artists in with working career artists across disciplines or business professionals for an informal talk-back session over lunch.

“With Lunch N’ Learns, it’s more about how to make you a better person. Once you become a better version of you, your craft will get better on its own. Speaking with someone who I want to be someday helped me to think of things outside of my physical art, and focus on what I want to stand for, rather than what I want my art to stand for”

This monthly series provided emerging artists with a safe and interactive learning environment, where they received career advice, learned how to hone in on their identity and artistic interests, and gained firsthand knowledge on how to navigate within traditional art spaces.

Never let the [lack of] tools be an impediment on your vision

Bentley Miller, Cinematopher Lunch N’ Learn Guest Speaker

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