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Just Us: Engaging Communities

Big projects with big impacts


May 23 - 23, 2023


6:00PM - 8:00PM

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A mural project can have a big impact on a community. Hear from muralists Leyland Adams and Amir Akbari on how they support communities through mural arts. During this conversation, both Leyland and Amir will share examples of previous community engaged mural projects, as well as share tools, resources, and guidance on how to best support communities through public art.

This conversation is a part of our Just Us: The Learning Room series of workshops designed to support muralists within the City of Toronto bring their mural projects to life. Learn more about the series here.

Meet the Panelists

Leyland Adams

Toronto Artist Leyland Adams is a creative person of colour who has always pushed boundaries, including the boundaries of accessible art. Working with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Adams is making murals accessible for people with visual impairment, while beautifying his community through meaningful art. Leyland has travelled the country and across the globe to places like London, New York, and India to bring his special brand of public art to the world. In addition to private commissions, the Sheridan College Fine Arts grad works as a facilitator and project coordinator for StreetARToronto on projects that enliven and enhance the city.

Most recently Leyland Has worked with StreetARToronto as a coordinator for accessibility projects that give opportunity and elevate the voices/artwork of artist with accessibility needs by vinyl wrapping there artwork onto concrete safety barriers used for cyclists and pedestrians. These projects give the artists, who might not have the opportunity to showcase their artwork in public, a chance to shine and be seen.

Leyland’s mural work features high-contrast imagery, audio descriptions, and – in the case of The Jazz Soul of Yonge and St Clair (2022, commissioned by StreetARToronto) – textured imagery and QR codes with audio descriptions for the visually impaired.

Adams is a community-based public artist who partners with organization of all sizes to ensure impactful and meaningful public art that engages community.

His art can be seen at www.leylandadams.com and @leylandadams on Instagram.

Amir Akbar

Amir Akbari is a Visual Artist, Educator, and Community Advocate. In 2003, Amir led his first community mural art project which sparked his passion for mural art and collaborative community projects. He has since created over 50 public murals and has taught art to hundreds of young people across the city, including developing adapted programs for individuals with exceptionalities. His work is rooted in the belief that self-expression can have a lasting impact on the development and growth of young people and their communities. He hopes to bring art to lives of those that are not provided access and opportunity.

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