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Remember When: Candid Conversations Pt. 1

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February 8, 2022


6:00PM - 8:00PM

Taking it back to the good ol' days

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Remember the days when we used to have to walk through snow to get to school? Remember the days when music videos were a whole movie? Remember When…: Candid Conversations Part One is a virtual space that allows millennials 30+ to reflect on their past experiences and discuss their role in shaping and changing everyday culture.

Join us on Tuesday February 8th at 6pm for a chat session where we will reflect on how much music, fashion and culture has changed over the years and just how influential your generation has been!

Hosted by Freda Aninkorah

Freda Aninkorah

Freda Aninkorah is an Entertainment Manager with over 5 years experience in Talent/Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management and Business Consulting. With a previous Professional background in Commercial Finance and Retail Management, Freda can assess brand marketing tactics from various angles that help position her clients for various partnership opportunities, business developmental growth to help generate more exposure and business sales. 

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