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Too Few For Too Long: Being Black In Advertising

A Two-Part Panel Discussion


November 30, 2020

Hear from a panel of Black creatives working in Advertising on how they got their start in the industry.

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Too Far For Too Long is a two-part discussion on how Black artists can get their start in the advertising industry, and what creative opportunities you can find as the industry continues to evolve. Hear from a panel of four Black creatives working in Advertising on how they got their start, in the industry, how they use their creativity during their day-to-day within their respective roles, and their varied and similar experiences of Being Black in Advertising.

Too Few For Too Long Part I

Wondering what creative pathways awaits you in the world of advertising? Whether you’re a writer, filmmaker or Musician, there are many ways to share the story of brands and campaigns that can expand your portfolio. Learn how to get your start from career professionals in this edition of Too Few For Too Long: Being Black in Advertising. Chantaie Allick, Michael Brathwaite, and Neal Owusu talk about the different roles and teams you’ll find in a creative agency, and the different stages of a creative project from start to finish.

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About the Panelists

Chantaie Allick

Based in Toronto, Canada, Chantaie Allick is a writer, journalist, brand strategist, and marketing consultant. With over a decade of strategic marketing experience in advertising and tech, she considers herself a storyteller and communicator at the core. Words and ideas ignite her. She shares her knowledge and expertise in a monthly newsletter, Adventures in Storytelling, at

Michael Brathwaite

Michael Brathwaite is an award-winning marketing professional with Grip Limited advertising agency in Toronto. He began his decade-long career in marketing through experienced-based events. He has conceptualized, planned and led multi-media campaigns across Canada winning Media Innovation Awards and Summit International Awards for his first to market campaigns. He is the driving force behind many 360-advertising initiatives and experienced-based marketing campaigns spanning the globe (Berlin, Amsterdam & Barcelona) for clients in the automotive, finance, gaming, science and insurance industries. He completed a Bachelors of Science from the University of Toronto and an Associate Degree of Science from Barbados Community College.

Neal Owusu

Neal Owusu is a senior production professional, experienced in producing broadcast television, online content, radio, print and full web builds. He is passionate and possesses a strong ability to multitask, problem solve and implement solutions under tight deadlines.

Too Far For Too Long Part II

Learn about the different skills you need for various roles in the Advertising world with professionals. Denise Cole, Mirabelle Eze, Dameon Neath, and Anton Mwewa talk about what it means to be make change in the Advertising industry and how to get your start as a creative.

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About the Panelists

Denise Cole

Denise Cole is co-founder and creative director at Toronto advertising agency Juliet Creative. She cut her teeth in advertising working alongside creative giants at Cutwater in San Francisco. Her time there shaped her approach to advertising, and that approach is simple: Make work you would proudly put on your wall in your home. With that goal in mind, she strives to turn ads into work that is beloved by the target it is designed to reach, and in doing so, connecting on a much more meaningful level. From Cutwater, Denise went on to work at TBWA and J. Walter Thompson where she gained global recognition at Cannes, One Show, D&AD, and Communication Arts. Denise first studied design at York/Sheridan before returning to school for art direction. In addition to her day job, Denise teaches at Miami Ad School and helps young creatives learn the ropes of the industry. She is also a board member of the Advertising & Design Club of Canada.

Mirabelle Eze

Mirabelle Eze is a copywriter at Cossette and a recent graduate of Miami Ad school. After studying Digital communications at the University of Toronto and graduating in 2017, she developed a passion for Advertising and Branding. Her past experiences include working as a Graphic Designer at her school’s newspaper, managing social media at Famous Folks where she worked on a Joe Carter charity fundraising event, and as an accounts coordinator for a Salesforce Canada event. After discovering and enrolling in Miami Ad school in the summer of 2018, her Advertising career started with an internship at Rethink Canada in the summer of 2019, after which she got hired at Cossette. Her love for fashion and content curation lead her to launch a blog that caters to fellow fashion-loving creatives. When Mirabelle is not writing, she’s reading or thinking of new ways to redecorate her home.

Dameon Neath

Dameon Neath is a Toronto-based designer with a focus in brand identity and design thinking. His path into advertising unknowingly started out as an illustration student at OCADU. Dameon’s yearning for deeper conceptual thinking led me to switch into the advertising program—which gave me an opportunity to be conceptual at multiple ends. As a designer in the advertising industry, Dameon able to get hands-on with work that not only compliments the written word but helps visualize it.

Anton Mwewa

Anton Mwewa (pronounced mm-way-wah) is an art director, occasional photographer, and most importantly, a Britney Spears fan.

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