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Unscripted: Performance & Writing

Write and perform your monologue!


August 4 - 11, 2020



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Want to learn how to write and perform your stories through improvisation practices?

At the heart of performance is confidence and a clear understanding of where your power comes from as an artist. More than entertainment, performance is how artists can communicate and draw people in.

On Tuesday August 4th and Tuesday August 11th, we will be hosting a two-part workshop in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Tsoholo Khalema to build and strengthen your performance and creative writing skills through improvisation activities!

To sign up for this workshop, make sure to register for Creative Connect! Both workshops will occur on Zoom at 3pm.

Tsholo Khalema is a multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual, multitalented artist currently based in Toronto. A South African Transgender man born in the midst of apartheid and witnessed the fall of an era while assimilating to life in Canada. The last born in a Methodist house hold, growing up on the westernmost prairie provinces of Canada where he began his lifelong pursuit of learning the art of theatre and film. An Actor, director and a self taught film editor/ photographer, his art practices aims to enhance the Black and Transgender voice(s) showing the many different diverse intersectionality of blackness. Tsholo “visions” Khalema is currently the 2019 | 2020 RBC Apprentice Director for The Musical Stage company.

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