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A Letter To My Younger Self

By Nia Centre, p
Posted on April 9, 2021

The following post was originally published in Cry Magazine in partnership with Nia Centre. Through the mentorship of Author and Ghostwriter Kern Carter, emerging writers in Creative Connect learned how to effectively pitch their story ideas and creatively expressed themselves through the power of writing. Selected participants were commissioned by Cry Magazine and got their article published on their site.

By Zainab Raji

Dear younger me,

one day things will finally fall in place for you

words will no longer evade you

pieces will come easy

bearing everything you haven’t figured out

how to put in words quite yet.

your work will be beautiful

and eloquent

you will master your craft.

I know it seems miles away

you still stumble with words

that’s okay

take your time

this version of you right now is deserving of love

so is your art

however imperfect you think it is

most importantly

hold close to your heart

two days

the day you’re born and the day you find out why

you will search for the latter for a greater portion of your life

suffer from imposter syndrome

wonder if you’re worthy of being called an ‘artist’

know that you are

create for you till you’re ready to share

yourself with the world

until then young blood,

even if nobody sees your art,

don’t stop creating.

Piece by daisy’s ink.

About Zainab Raji

Zainab is a Nigerian woman and born writer who moved to Toronto five years ago. She initially started writing short stories when she was nine, since then she has moved on to free verse poetry. Through her writing and journaling, Zainab‘s pieces focus on self-worth and self-acceptance as well as conquering feelings of inadequacy within one’s own life. Zainab has a medium account called “Daisy’s Ink”.

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