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Meeting “Mr. No” at the Door

By Nia Centre, p
Posted on April 9, 2021

The following post was originally published in Cry Magazine in partnership with Nia Centre. Through the mentorship of Author and Ghostwriter Kern Carter, emerging writers in Creative Connect learned how to effectively pitch their story ideas and creatively expressed themselves through the power of writing. Selected participants were commissioned by Cry Magazine and got their article published on their site.

By Helen Akey

On valentine’s day,

Human Love rejected me

Just on their own time

Not mine

For the 14th time

And I am still fine

But I never thought

That my poems

Get rejected too

Just on their time

Not mine

My hand and pen

Would argue for the

14th time

Agreeing we got it right


We were left

In a room where no was the

Echo to our inner thoughts

I began to have self-talks

On why and how I am

Not good enough

That maybe, my poems should

Be left on a page and available

For everyone to read

At their own time

Not mine

Because my clock is different

And so are their minds

What’s worse,

the pen being bitter

Or the artist being tense

Or your hands getting



Don’t let Mr.No think you

Are afraid of them.

Instead of

Picking up the pieces

They broke inside you,

Identify the pieces that are still

Within you

There are days, months and years

I write

I write

I write

Until my ink starts to fade

But it doesn’t mean it’s time to evaporate,

You just need a moment to retrace

And continue your creative pathway

The doorbell rang —

“Welcome, we were expecting you.”



About Helen Akey

Helen Akey is an upcoming poet and creative writer. She's a third-year student at York University, studying Culture and Expression. As a young girl, Helen would journal everything that was happening in her life as a form of therapy. In Grade 12, spoken word artist and activist, Faduma Mohamed, introduced her to poetry and different performance styles to further express physical, mental, and emotional journeys. As Helen continuously gains exposure and guidance from others in the field of creative writing, she would like to share her knowledge, skills, and stories with future generations to inspire and encourage them to use their voice and speak their truth as they navigate in their journey of life⎼⎼openly.

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