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Beauty In Our History: Pride 2021

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June 9 - 1, 2021

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This year is the 40th celebration of Pride in Toronto, inspiring the community to reflect on the beauty in Queer history. To honour the sites and stories of the LGBTQ+ community, we’re launching The Beauty in Our History, an interactive Zine Making workshop to mark this celebration.

Open to Black youth between the ages of 14-29 who self-identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, participants will be sent a disposable camera to capture their identity, experiences, and the beauty in Queer history. Using these images, participants will work together in a two-part zine making workshop to document the history and stories told through the images. 

The Zine and Images will be showcased on our website and social media platforms! You must be registered on Creative Connect to sign up.

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Program Schedule

Part 1: Creative Challenge – June 9-21

6 Queer-identified artists will be sent a disposable film camera and will capture their identity, experiences, sites and ultimately the beauty in Queer History. 

Participants will be given a week to capture and send their cameras to be developed at Downtown Cameras. Nia Centre will then send these works to the artists.

Part 2: Zine Making Workshop – June 23 & 30th

Through a two-part Zine Making workshop, participants will create a zine using the images captured in the Creative Challenge to document the Beauty in Queer History and their stories.

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Creative Connect connects youth and emerging Artists ages 14 to 29 with Career Professionals and Artists across art disciplines to expand their knowledge, skills, and build their creative capacities to further prepare them for careers in creative sectors and beyond. Using mentorship and the arts, Creative Connect is able to build and improve transferable skills, connect to young people with skilled and caring career artist, help young people build community among their peers.

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