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Kuumba After School: April Break

Explore New Art Forms


April 12 - 16, 2021

A Space For Youth To Create

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With the current evolving nature of the pandemic, and rapid daily changes to the educational system, there’s a growing need for a safe space for students and youth to create and connect with peers.

Kuumba After School: April Break Camp is a week-long workshop camp that allows youth between the ages of 14- 19 to unwind and explore their own connection with the arts.

Each day will be filled with opportunities for youth to explore a variety of art forms such as visual arts, dance, and creative writing. All supplies and materials will be mailed directly to participants. Spots are limited so make sure you sign up today!

Have any questions? Contact mentormatch@niacentre.org.

Program Breakdown

Workshop 1: Hip Hop Dancing Session

Explore about the elements of Hip-Hop dancing as you learn a choreographed hip hop piece with Anthony Smith, Creative Director and Choreographer of Ambitious Movement.

Workshop 2: Soca & Dancehall Session

Facilitated by Kay-Ann Ward, a movement and embodiment coach, participants will have the opportunity to explore the history of Soca and Dancehall movements while learning new stretches and a choreographed piece.

Workshop 3: Photo Collage Session

This workshop will highlight the importance of using everyday materials to push your creativity. Instructed by Janet Hinkle, participants will learn about visual storytelling and abstract drawing, painting, and collage techniques while using everyday materials, apps and more to create a new work of art. 

Workshop 4: Zine Making Session

In this workshop, participants will learn how to produce their own zine or a collective zine. Facilitated by Natalie “Rare” Chattargoon, they will explore self-reflective writing prompts and how to use digital apps and techniques to portray their stories and creative visions.

Workshop 5: Creative Writing Session

With instruction from Leona Placide, participants will explore a variety of writing prompts and exercises, participants will learn how to create, share and gain feedback on their creative writing pieces.

Note: this workshop is for self-identified Black women

Workshop 6: Freestyle Poetry Session

Get ready to learn how to write freestyle poetry on any topics and how to use this art form as a poetic method of self-expression. Facilitated by Fatimat “Toks” Ayinla and how to refine it for their intended audience.

Workshop 7: Mural Design Session

Facilitated by KT Kennedy, participants will learn how to create meaningful mural designs that reflect on their everyday experiences and self-identity.

Workshop 8: Visual Arts – Abstract Painting Session

Using acrylic paint, participants will create their own abstract artwork and learn new artistic techniques and skills to create their final painting. Facilitated by Honore Prentice.

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