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Personal Finances | Business Sm(Arts)


February 21 - 21, 2023


6:00PM - 8:00PM

Create a stronger relationship with your money

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This workshop will provide participants with the foundations of finances that they require to set themselves up for success. Facilitated by Finances for the Culture, a licensed financial professional who will provide information on budgeting, understanding debit and credit, investments, building a positive relationship with money, and more.

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This workshop is part of Left of Centre: Business Sm(Arts), a series of professional development workshops to help you gain the skills you need to fuel the entrepreneurial side of your artistic practice. To learn more about Business Sm(Arts) and register for workshops, click here.

About the Facilitator

Shantel Myers

Shay Myers created Finance for the Culture as an online educational platform to bridge the gap between finance and community. She uses empowerment and humour to dismantle the fear of finance. Shay teaches money mindset, budgeting, credit/debt management, investing and life insurance through customized financial planning, financial literacy workshops, youth mentorship and community partnerships.

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